All Gold Of The World Paul Anka Серия: All Gold Of The World инфо 13908r.

Содержание 1 Diana 2 You Are My Destiny 3 Crazy Love 4 Lonely Boy 5 Puppy Love 6 I Love You, Baby 7 When I Stop Loving You 8 Put Your Head On My Shoulder 9 Don't Gamble Witбшжгаh Love 10 It Doesn't Matter Anymore 11 Midnight 12 Time To Cry 13 The Longest Day 14 My Home Town 15 Tonight My Love, Tonight 16 I Love You In The Same Old Way 17 Adam And Eve 18 Cinderella 19 House Upon A Hill 20 Some Kind Oвжхззf Friend 21 Sometime 22 My Way Исполнитель Пол Анка Paul Anka.

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